What We Make Our Demons Do
Bad Kingdom Records/Soulfood Music
Release: 31.07.15

To insiders Łinie is already known as an extraordinary newcomer. After critics and listeners highly applauded their previous EP “Negative Enthusiasm” (2014), Łinie now take off the gloves and release their debut album. The whole story has its start way before 2012, when Łinie was founded by Jörn Wulff (Vocals, Guitars), Alex Wille (Guitars, Vocals) and Alex Bujack (Drums, Vocals). They gained some years experience in writing music, and played some shows and recorded a demo. The ideas of the original members began to grow and got seriously on the way when Ralph Ulrich (Bass, Vocals) and Alex “Iggi” Küßner (Keys, Electronics) joined the band. Küßner has its roots in the Berlin Techno scene since the late 80s, early 90s. Perhaps somebody who could be called a not quite fitting person, when it comes to Linie’s type of music. But besides his work as a DJ and producer for EBM-, Industrial-, Techno-, Techno-, House and Ambient acts he also worked with Rock bands. Küßner became the producer for the first release “Negative Enthusiasm”. Things worked out well and the band decided to take Küßner on as a full member. The sound of Łinie was born. While the EP shows a yet careful approach to the several facets of their sound, “What We Make Our Demons Do” is their new arrival. Łinie’s 40-minute ‘Tour de Force’ left the audience stunned and enthused with this album. Some other bands are trying to deliver musical experiments out of necessity, which makes them sound like a bulkiness as an end in itself. But not so with Łinie. Their songs are musical experiments which are crashing, rumbling, and care for bruises. They breathe a creative spirit, which let “What We Make Our Demons Do” be a rare pearl in the big ocean of new releases. Highlights are the familiar hit track “Chewing Gum”, which was completely rearranged, the implementation of Bujack’s lyric “Bearing Life” and “Lake Of Fire”, which samples an excerpt from a sermon of US American Baptist preacher William Franklin Graham. The bigotry and the abrasiveness in words of that of an influential theologian are captured and connected to the music in an effective way. The audience would call that progressive; far away from any generic use of the prefix progressive. Łinie brings together what is meant to be together in their microcosm. In-your-face riffing with Jörn Wulff’s distinctive organ, 101% pissed-ness plus a healthy appetite for destruction are they key elements – all of that exists equally in the dead water of a pulsating, buzzing electro-limb. Listeners of the EP know what is meant with these descriptions. Łinie achieve to connect all of these elements in an organic way and convert them into a sound, which totally belongs to themselves and now can completely be associated with this band. Lyric wise the band is less concrete. Many of the phrases used in their songs s are purposefully left open to the listener’s interpretation. Lyrics relate to band members’ life experiences, social affairs and associative subject matter. “What We Make Our Demons Do” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered with Timo Höcke at Studio 141 in Hamburg, Germany. Thus Łinie are following acts like Chäirwalk, The Moth or the multiple complimented high flyer Mantar. With their debut album these five guys are now ready to inject new life into the sleepier corners of music. “What We Make Our Demons Do” – a fresh wind, ravenous energy, creativity and yet an easiness which will impress further audiences and establish Łinie as a high-ranking newcomer.

Bio: Daniel Køtz,

Jörn Wulff (Voc, Guitar)
Alex Wille (Guitar, Voc)
Alex Bujack (Drums, Voc)
Ralph Ulrich (Bass, Voc)
Alex „Iggi“ Küßner (Keys/Electronics)